Getting Started

There are two green colored LEDs on the device. If they are blinking slowly with an interval of 1-2 seconds, it is an indication that the device is online.

As per PTA requirement, a user can purchase up to 5 regular SIMs & 3 data SIMs. Since AUXO is a data SIM enabled device, customers can purchase up to as many devices that are remaining on their personal profile.


No, AUXO is a simple Plug & Play device so does not require any installation.

No, the device is Plug & Play with an easy installation. Most EFI vehicles have an OBD-II port beneath the driver’s dashboard. User can simply plug the device in the OBD-II port to get it working.

No, the device is powered by vehicle battery at all times. It consumes a negligible amount of power and thus does not drain the battery. It also contains a back-up battery which keeps the device active for up to 30 minutes after plugging it out.

Features & App

A user has access to both AUXO application and web portal. AUXO is available for download for Android and iOS users from Google Play and iTunes stores respectively.

A geofence is a virtual boundary created on the map. AUXO application allows you to define geofences so that each time a vehicle enters or exits the defined boundary, an alarm will be generated.

Yes, a user can monitor more than one vehicle on the application with a single account. Our application also allows one account to be logged in from multiple phones at the same time.

Even if the vehicle is compatible with the device, it may not be fully complaint to OBD-II specification. This results in an inaccurate fuel mileage. Hence, the fuel mileage shown is an estimated value only.

AUXO is an OBD-II device and does not have any power/control to manipulate a vehicle’s usage. It is limited to extracting data from a vehicle’s ECU for transmission to servers.


Align the QR scanner in the application until a notification for binding the device appears, or manually bind the device by entering the IMEI number on the application.