What is AUXO?

AUXO is a smart car solution that allows you to stay connected with your car through your smartphone. As a simple plug and play device with an accompanying smartphone App,  AUXO enables you to keep a track on your car’s real-time location, monitor your driving behaviours and access trip details.

With AUXO, you can now ensure the safety of your car and loved ones all round the clock!


AUXO offers a range of innovative ‘connected car’ features that ensure the safety of your car and loved ones.

Plug & Play

No installation required. Simply plug the device in OBD-II port.

Live Location

Track your car’s location in real-time.

Driving Behaviour

Receive real-time alerts for speed violations or harsh driving behaviours.

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Trip History

View details of any trip taken within the last 12 months.

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Geo-fence Alerts

Create virtual boundaries on the map to receive real-time entry and exit alerts.

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Engine Diagnostics

Receive engine health alerts when a fault is detected.

Driving Safety Score

Get a daily score on the basis of your driving patterns.

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Real-time Notifications

Receive SMS and in-app notifications for critical alerts.

Getting Started

Follow the simple three-step process to get an AUXO device and be connected to your car through our app.

1. Receive your Order

  • You will receive a confirmation phone call from our team to verify your address.
  • Courier will deliver AUXO at your doorstep and collect payment (COD).

2. Setup the App

  • Download the “AUXO” app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • Sign up on the app, fill in your details.
  • Scan the QR code on the back of your AUXO device to pair it with the app.

3. Setup the Device

  • Sign up on the app, fill in your details.
  • Scan the QR code on the back of your AUXO device to pair it with the app.
  • Drive around for a couple of minutes and soon you will see your car’s live location on the app!

Device Specifications


Plug and Play, no installation required


2 LEDs for Navigation and Device Status


Dimensions: L(50,7mm) x W(49,6mm) x H(25mm)


Device manufactured in EU. Hardware compliant with EU standards


Integrated back-up battery to keep device active after plug-out


12 months warranty

Car Compatibility

AUXO device is compatible with most car models equipped with an OBD-II port. To check for compatibility, enter your car’s details below.


User Guide

Worried about not finding your car’s OBD-II port or confused about account sign-up on AUXO app? Refer to AUXO User Manual to read more details.